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I am an acupuncturist practicing in West Orange, NJ. Evaluates and treats patients based on the concepts of oriental medicine. Acupuncturists complete their evaluations by getting a patient history and looking at and touching the body. Then they place very fine acupuncture needles into specific points on the body. Stimulating these points and nerves is how treats the patients condition. Many of the bodys systems respond to acupuncture, and it can treat physical pain as well as emotional stress.

Hudson Jong Acupuncture, LLC is an Acupuncture practice in West Orange, NJ with healthcare providers who have special training and skill in treating symptoms of physical and mental health disorders.

  • Acupuncturists at Hudson Jong Acupuncture, LLC perform treatment of chronic pain, emotional disturbances, and pain resulting from acute injury or illness. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment that involves inserting needles into a patient's skin at key neurological points to promote rapid symptom relief. Significant diseases and conditions treated at Acupuncture practices include migraine, arthritis, anxiety, high blood pressure, nausea, dental pain, depression, allergies, and chronic pain in the joints, bones, and muscles.

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Acupuncture is the art of balancing the flow of energy (known as Qi) in your body. By inserting thin needles to specific points in your body, it triggers your body to react, stimulates nerves which may boost your immune system and your body's natural painkillers.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.


Do you feel pain in your hands from texting so much?

Korean Hand Therapy is a way to resolve whatever pain you feel in your hands and other parts of your body.


If you're scared of needles, this type of acupuncture works best for you. It's an inclusive procedure available to children and teenagers as well.


Scalp acupuncture uses the same process as auricular acupuncture.


Electroacupuncture provides an alternative route to seeking relief from chronic pain.



Jon Cooper

Brilliant ...Hudson is truly a master acupuncturist .Has helped me with numerous issues,from headaches ,to shoulder pain,to Meniers disease.I strongly and truly encourage you to avail yourself of his services.

Mae Truc

Hudson was able to provide me with effective acupuncture treatment. I trust his knowledge, experience and holistic approach.

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